Proper Obviousness Rejection Requires a Rationale for Combining Prior Art References

Definitely Not Indefinite: How the Specification Can Save a Claim from Indefiniteness

Federal Circuit Provides Additional Guidance for Claim Construction and Analysis of Mixed Method, Apparatus Claims

Halo v. Pulse Shifts Focus of Willful Infringement Back to Infringing Conduct

Federal Circuit Provides Guide to Determining Scope of Design Patents Having Functional Components

Unreasonable Claim Construction No Defense to Induced Infringement

Federal Circuit Defers Questions on Forum Shopping to Congress

Federal Circuit Denies Registration of Generic Mark

After Enfish: TLI Court Comes to Opposite Conclusion in “Directed to” Inquiry

Alice Subject Matter Eligibility: The “Directed to” Inquiry is a Meaningful Step

Plain and Ordinary Meaning Tempered by Application Examples

Federal Circuit Reaffirms that Foreign Sales and Certain Restricted U.S. Sales Do Not Trigger Patent Exhaustion

When Construing Claim Scope, Each Word Matters

When a Patent Claiming Priority to a Provisional is Effective as Prior Art

Federal Circuit Declares Disparagement Bar of Trademark Act Unconstitutional

Federal Circuit Clarifies Printed Matter Doctrine

Self-represented Inventors’ Unsuccessful Appeal Shows Value of Patent Attorneys

Supreme Court Takes Up First Design Patent Case in 100 Years

Obtaining a Permanent Injunction in Patent Cases Involving Complex Products

Federal Circuit Finds Claims Not Indefinite in Post-Nautilus Case

Federal Circuit Deep-Sixes IV Patents under Alice

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