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K. Blake Chancellor

K. Blake Chancellor
Blake Chancellor assists the firm in biotechnology patent prosecution. Blake has extensive knowledge in the areas of molecular biology, molecular neuroscience, and computational biology.

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Economic Considerations in Granting Injunctive Relief: Federal Circuit Partially Reverses Injunctive Relief in a Case of Willful Infringement

(Co-authored by Eric Greenwald)


On August 3, 2020, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit partially reversed a District Court’s decision for a permanent injunction against 10X Genomics. Bio-Rad Laboratories had sued 10X Genomics (“10X”) for infringing three patents directed to a microfluidic system that enables researchers to encapsulate biological materials in oil partitions, or plugs, for high-throughput biochemical reactions and genomics. During trial in the District Court for the District of Delaware, a jury found the patents-in-suit to be valid and willfully infringed and awarded Bio-Rad $24 million in damages based on 10X’s sale of five product lines. After denying 10X’s motion for judgment as a matter of law to overturn the verdict, the district court granted Bio-Rad’s motion for a permanent injunction prohibiting 10X from selling the five infringing product lines. 10X appealed these decisions.

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