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Phil Hamzik

Phil Hamzik
Phil Hamzik assists the Pharmaceutical Group in patent prosecution. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of organic and medicinal chemistry.

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The Federal Circuit Adds Color to Formulation Claims in Olaplex v. L’Oréal

(as published in the May 2021 issue of the American Chemical Society's Northeast Section publication of The Nucleus)

Olaplex v. L’Oréal involves a particular problem that can arise when claiming pharmaceutical and consumer product formulations. In particular, a chemical compound, such as maleic acid as recited in the asserted claims, may be converted to different forms (e.g., salts, such as maleate or hydrogen maleate) once added to a formulation. Claim limitations that aim to specify the amounts or concentrations of such compounds in claimed formulations can be problematic when it is unclear how they are to be calculated.

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